Additional Ad Revenue

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You are allowed to have one other intro animation or in game ad within your submitted game. It can be your own personal site or in game ad, However you cannot have both and you cannot resell sponsorship to other game sites. Your options for in game ads are Mochi ads or NewGrounds ads.

  • Your personal website intro: You can choose to put your own site intro animation after the intro if you wish. However your site must be a personal site dedicated to you and your work. No other site intros to other gaming portals are allowed.

  • Mochi ads: You can choose instead of your personal website intro to put a Mochi Ad into your game for additional ad generated revenue. However you must use the Mochi Ad code. You still receive your full share of the profit. make sure you ask for the code when submitting your game to joemaxgames (at)

  • Newgrounds Ads: If you choose instead of your personal website intro or the Mochi Ad, you can also use generated ads. You can get the NewGrounds Ad code by following this link.