Contest Rules

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Rules and How to Submit

Contest start date is July 1st, 2008 and will end on October 31st, 2008 and the winners will be posted on this website no later then the second week of November 2008. This contest is for flash games only. All game entry's to this contest must be approved by Joe. contact Joe with entry's, questions or concerns (joemaxgames (at)

  • Other intros or in game ads: You are allowed to have one other intro animation or in game ad within your submitted game. It can be your own personal site or in game ad, However you cannot have both. Your options for in game ads are Mochi ads or NewGrounds ads. See, additional ad revenue section for further details.
  • Game Size: The flash game file size must be no more then 8MB>. Flash Game Max dimensions Must not exceed 800H x 700W.
  • Formats: The game must be made using Flash (.swf).
  • Winning: A games success is decided by a selected group of game reviewers. These game reviewers will be guest reviewers from other popular web game media sites. Note: Bonuses are seperate from winning the contest and will be paid out as described in the bonus section...
  • New Game: Games which you enter in the contest cannot be or have been submitted to other sites until the contest begins. Your submission must be approved by Joe Max (joemaxgames (at) prior to being submitted to other websites.
  • Multiple Submissions: You can submit as many games as you like, and win more then once.
  • Deadlines & Payment: Games must be submitted before October 31st 2008. All prizes will be paid by November 30th 2008 by Paypal or Check. Note: Bonuses are seperate from winning the contest and will be paid out as described in the bonus section...
  • Other: By submitting a game entry, MaxGames is allowed to distribute the game on its website, as well as other websites. MaxGames will not resell your game or claim authorship or ownership of the game.
  • Submitting: You must fill out all the required information as displayed on the submission email page and email it to joemaxgames (at)!
    The game must be approved by Joe prior to the game being submitted to any other website.
  • Approval: Games must meet our approval, we do not accept R rated content. Entry's containing nudity, foul language or sexually explicit content will not be allowed to enter. All submissions must be a valid attempt at making a workable, fun and unique game. A game submitted that requires the user to push a button as many times as they can within a 2 minute time limit is not a game.
  • You Can Not: Resell sponsorship elsewhere without our approval, you must only have the MaxGames sponsored version on the Internet, and can't make other versions without. However if you submit your game prior to September 30th 2008 and failed to win any money in the contest then you can resell sponsorship. If you win a top ten prize or any bonus then you cannot resell sponsorship. A distribution contract must be signed.
  • Include MaxGames Branding: "Presented by: or Play Games to the Max at" in the opening menu of the game. The link must open "" in a new window when clicked. You must also use the maxgames intro animation. Maxgames has provided the neccessary graphics and files for banding, which you can download from this site here! Your game must follow these regulations if entering the contest, or your game will be disqualified. - You may change the intro, logo or link text slightly to be more fitting for your game if we find it an acceptable change. You can read up more about branding below.

Adding MaxGames Branding

All games must include branding such as our logo, Intro, graphics and Links to your game. You can still submit your game to other websites, as long as all versions of the game include the agreed upon links and logos. In order to be eligable for bonus prizes you will be required to submit your game to after your game has been approved by Joe Max.

Note: will not claim rights to your game. You are protected as the author of your your work via the Intellectual property law. is simply sponsoring your work for advertising purposes and in no way imply's ownership over the game.

Step 1: for an example on how to arrange MaxGames Branding in your game, check this out.

Step 2: Add the Logo to your games preloader. This logo must open up in a new window. The target code for this is "_blank".

Step 3: Add the Intro animation to your game prior to the menu screen, which can be found on our downloads page here.

Step 4: Add the text "Play More Games at" or " go there now at Max Speed" to your game's main menu screen. Again, this needs to link to in a new window.

Step 5: Add the logo to the "End Screen" or "Game Over Screen" of your game. This needs to link to in a new window.