Would you like to have your Game Sponsored and earn some cash?

Show us your Flash, If we like it, we will give you cash for your Flash, If we like it a lot we will give you a lot, simple. We are fair and straight forward, we pay on time and as soon as the final version of your game is complete. You can see a list of games we've sponsored here.

Terms of Game/Animation Sponsorship.

We’ll ask you to add our site’s (MaxGames.com) logo, Intro, Preloader and Link to your game. We’ll then feature the game on MaxGames.com.  You can still submit your game to Newgrounds, HeavyGames, FlashPortal and any other site you want, as long as all versions of the game include the agreed upon MaxGames.com links and logos.

1. If you agree to sponsorship, then we will ask you to place our MaxGames.com intro and preloader to your flash game, as well as a link on the menu and the end of the game. for an example check this out.

2. You Can Not resell sponsorship elsewhere without our approval, you must only have the MaxGames.com sponsored version on the Internet, and can't make other versions without.

Note: MaxGames.com will not claim rights to your game. You are protected as the author of your your work via the Intellectual property law. You are more then welcome to add your name and a link to your website in the game as the author. MaxGames.com is simply sponsoring your work for advertising purposes and in no way imply's ownership over the game.

Exact Step by Step instructions for adding MaxGames.com graphics.

1. Add the MaxGames.com Logo to your games preloader. This logo must open up MaxGames.com in a new window. The target code for this is "_blank".

2. Add the MaxGames.com Intro animation which can be found on our downloads page here.

3. Add the text "Play More Games at MaxGames.com" or "MaxGames.com go there now at Max Speed" to your game's main menu screen. Again, this needs to link to MaxGames.com in a new window.

4. Add the MaxGames.com logo to the "End Screen" or "Game Over Screen" of your game. This needs to link to MaxGames.com in a new window.

5. Please do not submit the finished version to any sites without our approval of the MaxGames.com labels or graphics on your game. Once complete, send the game to our staff and they will notify you when it's cool to upload your game to wherever you want.


Email us, your Flash, or a link to your game to: joemaxgames at gmail

we will check it out and get back to you as soon as possible...